Welcome to richardtylermusic.net, a sonic sanctuary of ambient, meditative, therapeutic and healing music. In addition to my music, I now have a blog page that contains articles about mediation practice, metaphysics, buddhism and various other spiritual topics. Subscribe to the blog mailing list to receive upcoming articles in your email.

Enjoy! Richard Tyler


The artwork for this website was created by Benjamin Beaudoin. www.benbeaudoin.com


My website recently received a redesign, and now contains the new Articles Blog section. 

On the blog I share writings and talks on teachings that have been a part of my spiritual path over the past twenty years. Upcoming topics will consist of meditation techniques, buddhism, sound for healing, metaphysics and creativity. Additionally, I will be posting links to articles and media by others that I find interesting and relevant to spiritual wellbeing.

Everything I share is only offered up for contemplation, and not meant to be taken as an absolute or dogma.

May all beings be free of ignorance and suffering, and may all hearts be filled with LovePeace and Joy.

Richard Tyler

November 9 - New Articles Blog post: Taking Refuge in Mindfulness.

The new music single Wind Choir (Sleep Mix) is now available on the Singles page.

The new music single AVALON PROTECTION PRAYER (Extended Mix) is now available on the Singles page. 

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