Richard Tyler has been creating ambient, meditative, new age and therapeutic music since the early 90's. Originally from British Colombia Canada, Richard studied music in New York City, and later became a student of metaphysical author/teacher Stuart Wilde. Theravada Buddhism and metaphysics are the foundation of Richard's creative inspiration.

Albums: Compositions & Sound Pictures, Fathoms, Drawings in the Room, Eepra Nahf, Source & Tone, The Hover, Frequencies - Soundscapes of the London Tate Modern, Omen, The Mystery of the Sacred O (in collaboration with Stuart Wilde), Cannes by Night.

Singles: Gayatri Mantra (in collaboration with Stuart Wilde), Avalon Protection Prayer (in collaboration with Stuart Wilde), O Come O Come Emmanuel (in collaboration with Stuart Wilde and Cecilia), The Hidden Doorway, Kailash, Beyond The Hidden Doorway, Dharma.

Film Soundtracks: Run, Peeper, Cage The Dog, The Legend of the Mirror Witch, The Seattle Film Festival.