New, classic and previously unreleased songs are posted here on a regular basis. All tracks are available for purchase below as MP3 downloads. The Gayatri Mantra Meditation, Avalon Sunrise and Etruscan Healing Meditation MP3s are free.

Music for Sleep, Healing Work, Relaxation and Meditation


The Wind Choir (Sleep Mix) plays for 59 minutes, and provides a relaxing musical backdrop to aid in falling asleep. It is also wonderful for yoga, and meditation.

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Protection and Energy Clearing Music  -  in collaboration with the late metaphysical teacher / author Stuart Wilde.


Purchase the new Avalon Protection Prayer (Extended Mix) MP3 for $2.00 (USD) 

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Read the Avalon Protection Prayer article.

A modern rendition of the powerful Christian hymn O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Vocals by Cecilia.

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Download the free 24 minute Gayatri Mantra Meditation MP3. Enjoy!

Download the free Avalon Sunrise MP3. Enjoy!

Enjoy the free Etruscan Healing Meditation. Read Stuart Wilde's Etruscan Healing Meditation article.

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Ambient Music for Healing Work, Relaxation and Meditation


Click the arrow play button to listen to audio samples. 99¢ (USD) each.

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